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Kevin Bradshaw - Director, Profile Productions
Kevin Bradshaw – Director, Profile Productions

I am sitting at home right now watching a movie that came out about ten years ago, Good Cop, Bon Cop. It was a Canadian film that at the time of its release was I believe the most expensive Canadian production ever made. I love the movie and it also gives me inspiration as a Canadian filmmaker that we can make an action thriller as good as anything made in Hollywood.

In Calgary, it has been a challenge getting feature films made. The fact that French Canadian films are made more frequently than films in Western Canada has not been lost on me. I know funding is hard to come by here, so much so that I had make my first feature film My Unknown on a micro budget out of my own pocket because I couldn’t secure funding for the project. When I watch Good Cop, Bon Cop, I know there is hope there for a filmmaker like me that even though I don’t live in Hollywood, I am still capable of being here and directing a kickass movie regardless.

I am proud to live in a country that has produced some great filmmakers David Cronenberg, Xavier Dolan, Jean Vallee etc,. But it would take an effort not just Canadian filmmakers but governments at the civic, provincial and federal to get funding agencies in line and really get behind Canadian productions and their diversity. With our newly elected Prime Minister , Justin Trudeau pledging to commit significant dollars of the federal budget towards the arts, I am hoping this dream of mine is becoming more of a reality.

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