The Caribbean Trip

Kevin Bradshaw - Director, Profile Productions
Kevin Bradshaw – Director, Profile Productions

It was a cold January day in I believe 1996. I was in the ninth grade not terribly academically inclined, sure I had just come back not to long ago from a month long trip in the Caribbean with my mom visiting her family and old friends. I enjoyed the time down there as I had never been to tropical location before and vacations were always extra special during the school year as I had something to brag about with my classmates and to feel important about sharing what I had experienced. But it was during that trip that I realized that I seemed to really have a gift putting pen to paper and telling an engaging story.

It almost seemed like something I was born to do, writing came so naturally to me. In addition to my experiences on my vacation, I was able to write a compelling short story assignment for my language arts class. My teacher not only gave me a perfect mark for the assignment, I got an school achievement award for it. Excellence in short fiction I think I remember the award saying, it made me so proud cause I never got top marks, I made the honour roll maybe once while I went to school and frequently my mom displayed a dour expression on her face after visiting my teachers during parent/teacher interviews. But here was something I was good at doing, to be imaginative and come up with interesting ideas and adding tension and humour and stuff and I really spent the next fifteen years of my life ignoring it.

I tried to become an electrician, a delivery driver, a cell phone sales specialist, a cleaner, a bartender, a paralegal, a cook, a security guard, a gas attendant, a grocery clerk, a warehouse employee and I came around to the fact that nothing out of there was as enjoyable, as natural for me to do as me having a pen and writing (though the pen has been replaced by typing on my iPad.) I am so attached to the notion of being a writer that I wonder why I spent so long not being one. I have written two feature film screenplays, one that I directed and won some awards and starting on my third film. It has been along time apart.

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