Living in your own reality

Kevin Bradshaw - Director, Profile Productions
Kevin Bradshaw – Director, Profile Productions

I’ve never been good at living in other people’s realities, my brother would always be talking to his friends about what rapper he liked and I could really never insert myself into the conversation because the rappers were so obscure I don’t think their own mothers even knew they rap.

One of the great things about social media as far I’m concerned is that it allows you to live in your own reality and not be forced to accept someone else’s. No one is better being you than you are and people bear witness to that and can either choose to ignore it or live in your reality with you. I’ve never been the type to laugh at a boss making an unfunny joke or routinely engage in a conversation with a coworker about topic a) don’t care anything about or b) don’t have insight into.

With social media, there is a chance to be me an display my personality, my interests and inspirations without having to compromise. I didn’t get that initially at first but I think I understand it now and the channels for displaying it are seemingly endless.

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